Ashton Gate

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<googlemap lat="51.436247" lon="-2.623501"> 51.441731, -2.625571, Ashton Gate 51.439644, -2.624402, Ashton Junction 51.444539, -2.623758, Ashton Meadows Sidings 51.446037, -2.621956, Ashton Swing Bridge </googlemap>

To Parson Street Junction: Frayne's Colliery
To Portishead: Access Bridge


The station was opened as Ashton Gate Platform on the 15th September 1906, for football traffic only, with a regular service starting on 1st October 1906. Closed on 1st November 1917 as a wartime economy measure. Rebuilt and reopened on 23rd May 1926. The use of the word 'Platform' was dropped in August 1928 and the station was last staffed on 29th October 1962. It officially closed on 7th September 1964 but opened temporarily between 1970-1977 for football specials, and again between 12th-19th May 1984 for Mission England, a serious of preachings by Billy Graham, which took place at the nearby Ashton Gate football ground.