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'''To Bristol''': [[Glenfrome Road]]<br>
'''To Bristol''': [[Glenfrome Road]]<br>
'''To Wales, The North or London''': [[Boiling Wells]]<br>
'''To Wales, The North or London''': [[Boiling Wells Lane]]<br>
'''To Kingswood Junction''': [[Glenfrome Road (2)|Glenfrome Road]]<br>
'''To Kingswood Junction''': [[Glenfrome Road (2)|Glenfrome Road]]<br>
'''To Avonmouth''': [[Mina Road]]<br>
'''To Avonmouth''': [[Mina Road]]<br>

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<googlemap lat="51.473952" lon="-2.572689"> 51.472937, -2.573955, Narroways Hill 51.473805, -2.573547, Site of footbridge across Midland Railway line. 51.473498, -2.574513, Midland Railway bridge. (site of) 51.47172, -2.572346, Narroways Junction </googlemap>

To Bristol: Glenfrome Road
To Wales, The North or London: Boiling Wells Lane
To Kingswood Junction: Glenfrome Road
To Avonmouth: Mina Road


Narroways Hill got it's name from the nearby Narroways Road which used to be nothing more than a small footpath between St Werburghs Church and Mina Road. For many years the lane was known as Cut-Throat Lane after a particularly gruesome murder that took place there.




Junction Renewal Work 5th-7th May 2007




A BIG heartfelt thank you to Julien Weston and Ian Skinner (from this websites forum) for answering my plea for help in recording this event. Fantastic works lads! :)