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Bristol Steel Terminal

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EWS Press Release. Wednesday 20 April 2005

New Bristol rail freight terminal opens

EWS, Britain’s largest rail operator, has opened a new rail freight terminal in Bristol, allowing businesses to receive freight by rail, and in doing so reduce road congestion between Bristol, Teesside and Scunthorpe.

The initial level of traffic handled at the terminal will remove 2.1 million lorry miles per annum between the north east of England and Bristol. As traffic levels grow, more environmental and economic benefits will be gained as goods are switched from road to rail.

The first train arrived at the terminal on Monday 4 April 2005 conveying steel sections from Teesside and Scunthorpe for onward local delivery.

Construction by EWS of the £400,000 terminal commenced during December 2004 and was completed on-time the start of services on 4 April 2005.

The terminal will receive a rail service five days a week (Monday to Friday). This service is part of EWS's 'wagonload' network, consisting of over 800 connecting multi-user services, enabling businesses to send and receive wagons from practically every rail connected town and city in Britain. Consignments also connect with EWS services that operate to and from Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

Nigel Jones, General Manager Commercial Services, said: “This new rail freight terminal for Bristol, and the provision of multi-user services, enables businesses in this area to enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of rail freight. In the first year alone, over 2.1 million lorry miles will be removed from the M1, M4 and M5 motorways.”