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Class 47/0 Details:
Fitted with a steam-heat boiler.
Introduced: 1963-67
Engine: Sulzer 12 cyl 12LDA28C twin-bank pressure-charged of 2580bhp at 750rpm
Weight: 117 tons
Brake Force: 60 tons
Maximum Tractive Effort: 55000lb
Transmission: Six Brush TM64-68 MK1 or MK1a axle-hung nose-suspended traction motors.
Driving Wheel Diameter: 3' 9"
Route Availability: 6
Maximum Speed: 75-95mph
Coupling Code: Blue Star
Class 47/3 Details:
Locomotives without train-heating equipment.
Class 47/4 Details:
Fitted with dual or electric heat equipment.
Route Availability: 7
Class 47/6 Details:
Originally the Class 56 engine test bed.
Class 47/7 Details:
Fitted with Push-Pull equipment
Maximum Speed: 100mph
Class 47/9 Details:
Converted Crewe Works in 1980
Engine: Rushton Paxman RP12RK3CT of 330hp at 900rpm.
Brake Force: 61 tons
Maximum Tractive Effort: 57325lb