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5th. St Annes Park station closed.


1st. Curve laid to connect Lawrence Hill and Avonside Wharf.


Bedminster Signal Box closed.


Original footbridge at Keynsham station was dismantled and sold to the South Devon Railway where it was later re-erected at Buckfastleigh.


17th. Bathampton signal box closed.


19th. The Severn Beach Line singled throughout, except for a passing loop at Clifton Down.
19th. Ashley Hill signal box closed.
19th. 35 lever Filton Incline signal box closed.
19th. 28 lever frame signal box at Redland station taken out of use.
19th. 20 lever signal box at Shirehampton station closed.
19th. 102 lever Stapleton Road signal box closed.


27th, Bridge across Fishponds Road removed.

exact date not known

Severn Railway Bridge demolished.
Bristol East Power Box closed.
Bristol Powerbox opened resulting in the closure of 70 other signal boxes and the loss of 343 staff.
Signal box at Lawrence Hill taken out of use.