Ashton Swing Bridge

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To Bristol Docks: Ashton Swing Bridge North Signal Box
To Ashton Junction: Ashton Swing Bridge South Signal Box


At one time a road went across the river at this spot as well as a railway, and the bridge was a double decker. Half way along a control cabin was raised even higher above the road on stilts. The bridge was built by John Lysaght and Co and opened on the 3rd October 1906 by the Lady Mayoress, Mrs A.J.Smith. The original estimate for the bridge was £36,500 with the GWR agreeing to pay half. The final bill, however, was £70,389 and the city council asked the railway to increase its contribution. They agreed and finally contributed £22,000. The swing span is 202ft long and weighs 1000 tons. It could be swung in either direction.

The bridge wasn't swung after February 1934 and was fixed in position in 1951. Road traffic across the top deck ceased in 1965 and the line across the bridge was singled in 1976.







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