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<googlemap lat="51.628331" lon="-2.399531"> 51.627954, -2.399547, Charfield </googlemap>

To Yate: Little Bristol Lane
To the North: Wotton Road


The Charfield railway disaster was a fatal train crash which occurred on 13 October 1928. The Leeds to Bristol LMS night mail train crashed under a road bridge near Charfield railway station after colliding with a freight train which was being shunted backwards into a siding. Gas used to light the carriages ignited, and four carriages were burnt out. Intense fire made identification of the dead, and even a complete body count, difficult. It is believed that 15 people died, including two victims whose identity was never established. According to local accounts, from 1929 and for some 20 years, an unknown woman dressed in black used to regularly visit the memorial to the crash.

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