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To the Severn Bridge: Severn Railway Bridge
To Sharpness Docks Railway System: Sharpness Docks
To Berkeley Road: Saniger Lane


Sharpness had two railway stations. The Midland Railway branch from Berkeley Road to Sharpness opened to freight on 2nd August 1875 and the first (temporary) station opened adjacent to the docks on 1st August 1876. This closed on the 16th October 1879 and was replaced by a second station which opened on 17th October 1879 with the completion of the Severn Railway Bridge. A signal box at the station opened in 1903. Rationalisation took place in 1931 when the branch from Berkeley Road was singled, resulting in the closure of the down platform. The station signal box closed in October 1957. The station closed to passengers on 2nd November 1964 and goods on 3rd January 1966.